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Fou Zoo is the most recognized among top Slovak restaurants. It is special for its original style and Pan-Asian cuisine. Although it is not situated in the city centre, it is a mecca of gourmets from Bratislava, but also from abroad. Fou Zoo has its permanent clientele which visits the restaurant mainly for business lunches. The restaurant regularly surprises its customers with inventive gastronomic events.

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Reservations are received by a hostess, who has to remember all facts about the restaurant’s capacity. Personal approach to every customer is very important for the restaurant; therefore it makes notes about customers’ preferences and loyalty. The personal approach is at a high level. The restaurant knows the date of customers’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries or family parties. Fou Zoo made notes about these dates in an excel table. It was chaotic and impractical. Old classic reservation book was inadequate and in the end of the year it was completely full and unclear.

We appreciate the ease and clarity of the system, as well as the management of information about the customers. We warmly recommend BookioPro to other restaurants

Marek Janoška, manager


The restaurant was looking for more elegant and clear system which would be able to receive and manage reservations, as well as the information about the customers. It also needed a simple system which would receive online reservations.


Thanks to BookioPro, the restaurant gained better overview of the customers and their requirements. Now, it can manage the customers’ needs more effectively. The system remembers information about the customers and it is possible to take a look in it at every visit of a customer. Moreover, the staff deals better with table management and gained better overview of the restaurant’s occupancy rate. The restaurant appreciates the possibility of printing the list of reservations for the chef. Staff doesn’t have to rewrite it from the paper reservation book. Thanks to BookioPro, communication with customers is at a higher level.

fou zoo restaurant food
fou zoo restaurant food
fou zoo restaurant food

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Wine restaurant Matyšák

Before BookioPro we were using two reservation books in our restaurant, which slowed down not only our internal communication, but also the communication with our customers. BookioPro helped us to use time more efficiently and thus provide even better service to our customers - either during booking or during their visit in our restaurant. It is a modern and dynamic system, which we intend to continue using for the benefit of our customers.

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Miloslav Dvořák, general manager

Na Kopci

We wanted to enable our guests the easiest way to reserve a table without phone calls. We also decided for BookioPro because it is not just a sales tool, but a comprehensive reservation system which is unique in the Czech Republic.

Jan Turek, co-owner

UFO watch.taste.groove

BookioPro greatly simplifies our bookings. Guests can book a table online, thus we can accept more bookings and we have a better overview. The number of calls decreased, so the staff can focus more on serving customers.

Július Beláň, manager

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