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Effective tool for restaurant and reservations management

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Reservation book

Instead of the old reservation book, you can get effective tool for managing restaurant and its reservations. Thanks to the smart settings, the system makes your work and staff’s work easier. Your team will be able to focus more on serving customers.

  • All reservations in one place (those made in person, via telephone, online)
  • You can operatively change settings (maximum number of guests for a reservation, available and blocked time, …)
  • Possibility of quick and easy assignment of a reservation to a table
  • More effective table management
  • Intuitive controlling
  • Automatic displaying of information about a customer (system remembers all data)
  • Approved by managers and waiters from more than 120 restaurants
  • Professional look

Online reservations

Enable your guests to book a table in your restaurant via mobile phone, tablet, or PC even when restaurant is closed. Reduce the number of phone calls and emails and get reservations 24/7. You will have more customers and more time for serving them.

  • Reservation system receives reservations nonstop
  • Reservations are made on restaurant website, via reservation widget and on social networks, too
  • After customer makes a booking request, system automatically checks date, time and restaurant capacity according to the real situation
  • Reservation confirmation is sent to the mailbox of a guest, so they don’t have to wait for another confirmation from the restaurant
  • In case of the full restaurant capacity, the system offers alternative date and time to the guests
  • The reservation system facilitates the work of your staff – it reduces the number of phone calls and emails
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Gift vouchers

You can easily create gift vouchers with BookioPro. No worries about graphic design, printing and writing things down in an excel sheet. Moreover, all information about selling and using is collected in your BookioPro manager’s profile. BookioPro checks gift vouchers automatically. Customers can buy them online, pay them online and gift vouchers are sent directly to their mailbox. They do not need to pick them up in person or beware of losing a paper voucher.


This function enables you to create special reservation widget for events in your restaurant, for example tasting dinners or presentation of new menu. Guests are able to book a table via this reservation widget and pay for it in advance, too. You can create such an event in your BookioPro manager’s profile. You can embed a special reservation widget into your webpage, Facebook page or newsletter. All reservations are marked as EVENTS and they are saved in the BookioPro reservation book. All data about customers who will visit the event are collected there, too.

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Get precious feedback after every visit in your restaurant. BookioPro saves every feedback with the date and time of the reservation and personal information about the guest. Thanks to customers’ feedback, you can motivate your staff.

  • Customer gets email from the restaurant asking for feedback after every visit (no anonymous or fictional feedbacks)
  • Guests can give feedback by means of stars or written text
  • Feedbacks can be seen only by you, they are not shared publicly
  • You can answer to customers’ comments, you have contact for them
  • You see every feedback from your customer when they make another reservation in your restaurant


Gain a better overview of the restaurant situation by gathering accurate data in the system every day. BookioPro helps you to evaluate which day is the busiest or which waiter accepts the most of the reservations.

  • You get detailed statistics on the situation in restaurant on a daily basis
  • You can export data to excel for a deeper analysis
  • You will know number of loyal customers and number of newcomers
  • System will show you where your customers make the most of their reservations (restaurant’s website, Facebook…)
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Guest list

The most valuable information to you is the contact details of your customers and information about their preferences. BookioPro helps you to get all the information and work with it in order to have more personal relationship with guests

  • The reservation system remembers names, contacts and date of visits of all your customers
  • It knows guest’s preferences, for example favourite food, seating, etc.
  • Offers possibility to categorize your customers (VIP, problematic, gluten free, …)
  • Checks customer’s loyalty, you can create your own loyalty program
  • Creates database of contacts for marketing purposes

Floor plan

Detailed table map with actual situation in restaurant is your trump card which helps you to manage the restaurant better.

  • BookioPro makes it possible to draw a floor plan depicting real situation and table seating arrangement in your restaurant (round, square tables, together or separated)
  • Time scale on every table shows you the progress of assigned reservation
  • Tables have different colours according to the state of the reservation
  • You know which customers are late
  • BookioPro warns you about upcoming end of reservation in advance
  • You can enter the information about walk-ins in the system easily
floor plan

Wait list

When guest doesn’t find any vacant table in your restaurant, they go to another restaurant and spend their money there. The wait list function helps you to keep as many guests as possible . Guests will come back and spend their money in your restaurant.

  • Thanks to BookioPro, your waiter can add a guest to a wait list and offer him alternative time
  • Waiter caneasily communicate with customers via SMS
  • Customer is permanently informed about the length of waiting time for their table
  • Waiter knows exactly when a table is ready and when customers can come to the restaurant

SMS confirmations

If your customer gets a message about reservation confirmation on their mobile phone, they won’t forget on it. You can send them message containing the information about reservation directly from BookioPro reservation book. You can also send SMS about cancellation or change of the reservation to your customers. By sending SMS confirmations, you can reduce the number of defaulted reservations.

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