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Au Cafe restaurant is a leading restaurant of Roman Restaurants company, which is situated on the Danube bank. It is a favourite place for business lunches, family parties and meetings, too. The restaurant is well-known for quality Mediterranean cuisine and its spectacular view. Many events for big groups of people, press conferences and gala evenings are held there.

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The peak time for accepting reservations is during week at the lunch time. A significant part of the reservations is made up of reservations for big groups for different events – parties, celebrations, gala evenings. There are also advanced reservations for bigger number of tables or whole restaurant. On the ground of these reservations, staff discusses details with clients. Managers often have to cope with the interest of many guests in one specific date or part of the restaurant.

Au Café is the first restaurant among the Roman Restaurants which tested BookioPro. We immediately fell in love with it and recommended it to other restaurants in our company and also to the colleagues from other restaurants

Juraj Michalových, manager


Firstly, the restaurant used classic paper reservation book. Managers were not satisfied with its opacity and endless searching for specific date, as well as complicated table management.


BookioPro helps waiters and managers to make searching for vacant tables easier and clearer. Waiters immediately know which tables are available for reservations. In the reservation note they can also see if the reservation is confirmed or advanced. BookioPro provides quick information for the kitchen staff, who immediately knows how many dishes should be cooked in one hour. Au Café appreciates smart table management and acceptation of online reservations via online reservation widget. Another plus is synchronization of changes on any number of devices. Last but not least “pro” of BookioPro is building of the customer database.

au cafe food
au cafe food
au cafe food

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Wine restaurant Matyšák

Before BookioPro we were using two reservation books in our restaurant, which slowed down not only our internal communication, but also the communication with our customers. BookioPro helped us to use time more efficiently and thus provide even better service to our customers - either during booking or during their visit in our restaurant. It is a modern and dynamic system, which we intend to continue using for the benefit of our customers.

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Miloslav Dvořák, general manager

Na Kopci

We wanted to enable our guests the easiest way to reserve a table without phone calls. We also decided for BookioPro because it is not just a sales tool, but a comprehensive reservation system which is unique in the Czech Republic.

Jan Turek, co-owner

UFO watch.taste.groove

BookioPro greatly simplifies our bookings. Guests can book a table online, thus we can accept more bookings and we have a better overview. The number of calls decreased, so the staff can focus more on serving customers.

Július Beláň, manager

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