How can I pay for the order?
We offer secure payment via five types of payment cards, including VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, DinersClubInternational or via credit card or payment via internet banking.

From whom and when do I get an invoice after ordering gift voucher?
Restaurant that provides the service itself make out you the tax document (invoice) after your request. BookioPro is solely an intermediary, we does not provide services listed on the voucher and therefore we do not make out any invoice.

How can I cancel my order?
If you have created an order, have not paid for the voucher and you are not interested in it anymore, the order will cancel itself.


What are delivery methods of a gift voucher?
We always deliver gift voucher via email. If the restaurant of your choice allows delivery via postal service and you choose this method of delivery, you will receive also printed voucher on your postal address specified in the order.

When do I receive the voucher by e-mail?
If you choose card or internet banking as a payment method, we will send you a voucher immediately after successful completion of payment to your email. If your voucher does not come via e-mail within 1 hour after payment by card or internet banking try to check spam or mass emails. If you do not find it there after this time, please contact us at info@bookiopro.com. Please email us the identification details of payment (variable symbol, date and time of the payment).

Any emails from BookioPro do not come to me, what should I do?
Some providers of e-mail addresses (especially corporate) filter our emails to spam or junk mail, or they can get caught up on your mailbox server and not delivered at all. Please check your spam and junk mail, and if you will not find any e-mail from us, please contact us at info@bookiopro.com.


How to use the purchased gift card?
The person to whom you give this gift card can decide when he wants to use it in a restaurant. At the same time, he has to respect the validity period of this gift card. If conditions for applying this voucher require booking your table online, you need also insert a unique code, which will verify the validity of this gift card.

If I cancel the reservation with verified gift card, will I be able to use it for another booking or it expires?
Typically, if you cancel the reservation, the gift card will not fall. Conditions of cancellation may differ in every restaurant, pay therefore attention to observe conditions of use listed on the gift card.

Is it necessary to bring printed gift card to the restaurant?
The validity of the voucher is verified when you book a table, therefore you usually do not need to bring with you. Particular conditions of usage the gift card, as well as the cancellation policy, are determined by each restaurant. All the necessary information can be found on the purchased gift card.

The gift card can be used only in one particular restaurant?
The gift card can only be used at the restaurant, which is mentioned therein. It is important to read conditions of the usage.

Did not find the answer to your question? Please contact us at info@bookiopro.com