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- with this login you modify all settings, reset passwords and grant access to other team members
- this data will not be published anywhere
- you will enter the contact details for the operation in the second step

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What happens after registration?
  1. Once you have access to the Bookio Administration Interface (your name and password), you will go through a simple process, during which you will fill out the basic information about your restaurant (address, opening hours, ...)
  2. In the last step, enter a name and password to access Bookio book (for your staff)
  3. Upon completion, you will be taken to your Bookio administration interface, where you will see all reservations, customer contacts, ratings, and statistics.
  4. In the administration interface, you can then set up the entire booking book according to the manual.

If you have any questions, you can call us at the phone number +421 948 861 349 or write to

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